Book Reviews

The Glass Kitchen

By Linda Francis Lee; Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

Wonder At the Edge of the WorldLinda Francis Lee, author of Emily and Einstein, brings forth another story of a New York Minute and second chances. The Glass Kitchen is a story about a native Texan in the Big Apple, dreaming of a better future while escaping the past. I found myself laughing out-loud numerous times while reading despite the initial serious tone the book set. The Glass Kitchen is hilariously charming and romantic. Portia Cuthart is licking her wounds from a very public divorce. Her charmed life as a politician’s wife …

Inside the O’Briens

By Lisa Genova; Reviewed by Carolyn Burns Bass

Inside the O'BriensHuntington’s disease isn’t on the public radar like AIDS, cancer and heart disease. Aside from folk singer Woodie Guthrie, who died of the disease in 1967, Huntington’s has no celebrity tie-in, no sexy spokespersons, telethons or million dollar media campaigns to raise awareness and fund research. Until now. Inside the O’Briens, the new novel by Still Alice author Lisa Genova, promises to do for Huntington’s disease, what Still Alice did for Alzheimer’s. Huntington’s disease is a genetically transmitted, fatal neurodegenerative disease that strikes people in the prime…

The Idea of Love

By Patti Henry Callahan; Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

The Idea of LoveNew York Times Best Selling author Patti Henry Callahan pens another southern tale about two people who learn to love despite the lies and distance separating them. “Hunter” arrives the small town of Watersend under the guise of being a travel writer looking to document the town, but what Hunter really is looking for is inspiration for his next Hollywood script….

A Little Life

By Hanya Yanagihara; Reviewed by Billie Hinton

A Little LifeHanya Yanagihara’s novel A Little Life introduces the reader to what seems at first an ensemble cast of characters: JB, Willem, Malcolm, and Jude, four students who meet in college and remain friends far beyond that time of their lives. As we read on, however, we learn that the main character is Jude St. Francis. The book as a whole is layered with many points of view and memories that construct his life story. This is a long novel and a big book, and by big I mean that is has a huge impact that builds. It’s only at the end that the impact of the novel is…

The Cherry Harvest

By Lucy Sanna; Reviewed by Stephanie Kamerman

The Cherry HarvestLucy Sanna’s debut novel, The Cherry Harvest, takes you to Door County, Wisconsin, during the Second Great War, where one woman’s unseen madness weaves a web of secrets, deception, love, and murder.

Charlotte Christensen keeps a vigil while her beloved son, Ben, is away at war. While she waits…

The Mountain Story

By Lori Lansens; Reviewed by Mary Vensel White

The Mountain StoryOn his eighteenth birthday, Wolf Truly boards the tram that takes tourists up the mountain overlooking Palm Springs. He loves the mountain and has spent many happy hours on it, shooting nature photographs with his best friend Byrd and avoiding his unhappy home life. This is to be his last visit; he plans to end his life on this day. But the universe has other plans, and Wolf soon finds himself entwined with a trio of women who have a mountain quest of their own. After an unlucky chain of events…

Hugo & Rose

By Bridget Foley, Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

Hugo and RoseIn her debut novel, Bridget Foley brings us Hugo & Rose an honest, witty, and creative novel about the mundane of motherhood and the strange endeavors some go on to get away. Rose isn’t feeling appreciated by her own family. Her husband, and college sweetheart, Josh, logs in long hours as a surgeon and is seldom home leaving the care of their three young children…

The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley

By Susan Örnbratt, Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman
The Particular Appeal of Gillian PugsleySusan Örnbratt tells us a love story in her debut novel, The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley. Spanning from the years of 2003 to 1946 to 1932, Ornbratt will make you ponder the lengths you would go to find the one whom you love the most.

In the year 1931, Gillian “Gilly” travels to Canada from England for the summer, against her father’s wishes. Gillian meets a handsome young man, Christian, and they…read more here…

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