#LitChat is a fun, fast, and friendly way for book-lovers to talk about books and their authors on Twitter

LitChatLogo-2-sm.jpgWe have moderated #LitChat each Monday and every first and third Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. E.T. Read the LitChat schedule and home page to see what we are chatting about each week.

Each Monday #LitChat is devoted to guest host authors and publishing professionals and is moderated by Carolyn Burns Bass.

Are you new to Twitter? Read Tips for Authors Using Twitter by Carolyn Burns Bass, founder and moderator of #litchat.
Don’t know how to participate in a Twitter chat? Read Nine Steps to Becoming a Twitter Chat Pro by Linda Bernstein, who teaches social media at Columbia University School of Journalism, and is a #litchat veteran
You must be a member of Twitter to participate in #litchat. If you’re not already a Twitter member, you may join here, then follow us at @LitChat. When posting a tweet into the #litchat feed, please use the hashtag like this: #litchat.  This will ensure that everyone following #litchat can see your posts through a filtering application. We recommend following the chat through our dedicated chat channel at Nurph. Nurph is a website into which you login with your Twitter user account, then enter a chatroom. One of the cool features offered by Nurph is automatic addition of the hashtag (#litchat), so you won’t forget typing it into the comment window. LitChat uses Hootsuite for general use. This is an application that provides easy navigation of your Twitter accounts. Here are more terrific blog posts about participating in Twitter chats:

Twitter Chats For Writers by Debbi Ridpath Ohi (@InkyElbows) How to Join Twitter Chats, from Meryl.net.

#LitChat was named among More magazine’s July 2011 Top 20 Reading Fanatics to Follow on Twitter. Hope you’ll stop by and chat with us. We’re all book chat, all the time. Join us. If you are an author with a recent book published by a traditional publisher, and would like to be a guest host of #litchat to discuss your book, please contact us at twitchat >a< gmail.com. LitChat was founded  in January 2009 by Carolyn Burns Bass.

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