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Would you pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited access to more than 100,000 ebooks? Book subscription services from Scribld, Oyster and Smashwords offer exactly that. How are they different than downloading ebooks from your local library using Overdrive? How are authors compensated by ebook subscription services? What devices do ebook subscriptions support? This week in #litchat MediaMonday we’re discussing ebook subscription and library services.

Resource media for this MediaMonday topic from Porter Anderson’s extensive series, Here Come the Buffet Readers — Subscription Book Services, published in Jane Friedman’s Writing on the Ether.

The Explanation for EverythingLater this Week in #litchat

Writing Wednesday:
Part 2 of our #Nanowrimo Writing Basics Series

Guest Host Friday:
Lauren Grodstein, author of The Explanation for Everything
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