To the Bright Edge of the World

By Eowyn Ivey; Reviewed by Mary Vensel White

to-the-bright-edge-of-the-worldTo the Bright Edge of the World is Eowyn Ivey’s highly-anticipated second novel, another story set in the rugged and breathtaking expanse that is Alaska. Her debut, The Snow Child, was the tale of a pioneering, childless couple who build a little girl from snow and watch her magically come to life. Fans of Ivey’s touching, fairy tale first novel will find much to like in her new one, but it’s another type of story altogether.

The Saints of the Lost and Found

By T. M. Causey; Reviewed by Carolyn Burns Bass

The Saints of the Lost and FoundT.M. Causey is no stranger to fiction. Writing as Toni McGee Causey, she is author of the critically acclaimed and best selling novel series featuring the zany Tammy Faye. Taking a wide turn from the quirky, non-stop action of her three Tammy Faye books, Causey’s latest novel, The Saints of the Lost and Found, goes into a dark place where some families have special paranormal gifts and though they share the strangeness of their abilities, they may or may not be trusted….

The Silver Witch

By Paula Brackston, Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

The Silver WitchFrom the bestselling author, Paula Brackston, comes The Silver Witch, another tale about a woman discovering her heritage, the power she holds, and the witch she must become.

A grieving Tilda, moves into the cottage she would have shared with her husband had he still been alive. Upon her arrival, Tilda begins to have visions and the electricity she come in contact with, especially clocks, acts strangely and flickers out…read more here…

Book Review: The Line, J. D. Horn

Reviewed by Rich Magahiz

A love charm gone both right and wrong, a murder of the key member of a magical family, decades-old secrets and resentments brought to light, and a world-changing talent restored— mix these all up and put them in a setting steeped in centuries of history and you would have something approximating this debut novel by J. D. Horn. Read more here.