Book Review: Lexicon, by Max Berry

Reviewed by Rich Magahiz

Thriller is the chosen genre of the 21st century. We are by now very familiar with its vocabulary of shadowy conspiracies, strangers with unknown motivations, mooks who find themselves on the short side of a firearm, traveling undetected through public transportation, the constant threat of assassination, the puppet master, jailbreaks. In his new novel, Lexicon, Max Barry has come up with a way to infuse it with something new by mixing in some speculative brain science. Read more here.

Book Review: Archetype, M.D. Waters

Reviewed by Robyn Hugo McIntyre

ArchetypeI recently read a book review in the New York Times wherein the reviewer wrote, “North American readers care inordinately that fictional characters be likable.” That struck me, for I’ve discovered if I don’t like the characters in a story, I have less interest in reading the work. The reviewer wondered if those of us who feel we have to be able to invest in a character aren’t missing good books. Is it not more important that the character be interesting? Read more here.