Join us for #LitChat Writing Wednesday with Judah Freed on September 2, 2015. Follow #LitChat on Twitter or login to our dedicated channel at

On Writing Wednesday this week on Twitter LitChat, we will open up to your ideas for topics to discuss in future LitChat Writing Wednesday sessions.  What matters most to you as a writer or a person who cares about writing?

The new moderator for LitChat Writing Wednesday, author and book coach Judah Freed, so far has hosted sessions about how authors use and abuse social media to promote their books, the literary implications of Harper Lee’s new/old novel, and the antitrust charges against Amazon. He is willing to research and moderate #LitChat sessiona on any topic  that enough of you want to address.

Some of the possible topics might include updates on publishing industry trends, self-publishing versus traditional publishing, print-on-demand (POD), predatory publishers, how to boost imagination when writing fiction, how to write more engaging nonfiction, favorite dangling modifiers, favorite writing teachers of all time, sources of inspiration for writing and, well, you tell us.

Please bring your ideas and questions to this week’s LitChat Writing Wednesday. Together we will get the ball rolling.

FYI, LitChat is developing a system to let you nominate topics and vote upon which ones we will address. Stay tuned for more details

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