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The literary world is buzzing about the upcoming biography, Salinger, co-authored by David Shields and Shane Salerno, which claims the reclusive author continued writing until his death in January 2010 and that a number of Salinger works are planned for posthumous publication beginning in 2015. A new documentary film about Salinger, written, directed and produced by Salerno, premieres theatrically in September 2013 and will air on PBS in January 2014 as the 200th episode of American Masters.

We could discuss this news in #litchat MediaMonday, but we’re not. We’re going to wait until the biography is released and we’ve had time to digest the entire book, and then we’ll gather in #litchat for an informed discussion. Salinger, published by Simon & Schuster, releases September 3, 2013.

Salinger will likely fly off the shelves as will the expected Salinger titles to follow. There will be major promotion by the publisher, copious ink spilled across multiple media, and speaking engagements on television, radio and live stages. What would happen to a book like this without the promotion dollars behind it?

“Nobody can buy a book they never heard of,” says M. J. Rose, bestselling writer and former advertising madwoman. This week’s #litchat MediaMonday we’ll look at Randy Susan Meyer’s recent piece, “Writers Wearing Costumes, Baking Cookies, & Other Mad Men Tricks,” in the blog Beyond the Margins, and discuss book promotion ideas and how authors can leverage their own literary power alongside bestsellers.