Find your voice - litchat #litchatNarrative voice is the personality of the prose. When written well, readers hear and respond to the voice much as they do a person sitting before them telling a story. The cadence of the prose, the word choices and arrangements, the length of sentences, the subtle humor or pathos all lend to the development of narrative voice. How is style different than voice? How does a writer inject voice into their work? Does it just flow organically with the prose? Can a writer go overboard with too much voice? We’ll discuss these and other questions in this week’s #litchat WritingWednesday. Listed below are some discussion resources regarding voice in fiction.


Eight Resources for Finding Your Voice

How to Find Your Narrative Voice Roseann Biederman, Writer’s Digest

Hearing Voices Jon Clinch, Beyond the Margins

What Makes Fiction Good? It’s Mostly Voice Ta-Hehisi Coates, The Atlantic

Voice in Fiction Susan Vreeland,

Project! The Art of Voice in Fiction Patti Hill, Novel Matters

Language as the Ghost of Meaning: Cormac McCarthy’s Amazing Sentences Tim Weed, Storycraft

How to Write Fiction: Meg Rosoff on Finding Your Voice Meg Rosoff, The Guardian

The Best Advice I’ve Learned on “Writing Voice” Rebecca Berto, Novel Girl