Guest Author: Karen Pullen

by | Feb 27, 2017

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Cold Heart by Karen Pullen draws the reader into a darkly delightful page-turner as Stella rummages through every strata of society in her relentless and sometimes unconventional pursuit of a cold-hearted murderer who won’t stop at just one victim.

Motivated by her mother’s long-ago unsolved abduction, Stella Lavender has joined the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. One afternoon Stella gives a hitchhiking teenager a ride to her babysitting job in a wealthy neighborhood. Horror awaits them—the father lies dead in a pool of blood, and his toddler is missing. Stella joins the murder investigation as the puzzle quickly grows. Most importantly, where is the toddler? A dizzying array of plausible suspects provides more questions than answers.At the same time, Stella’s personal life offers plenty of distractions. Her grandmother Fern, a free-spirited artist with male admirers wrapped around every one of her paint-stained fingers, needs Stella’s help with expensive house repairs. And Stella’s attraction to three very different men means her romantic life is, well, complicated.

I grew up in Riverton, New Jersey and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida when I was 16. In college I majored in math, though I also took a dozen courses in the English department. I taught math for two years, the hardest most exhausting job in the world. I married and spent a few years having babies, my dear daughters. Needing to work, I decided to train for a different job, and went back to school to earn a PhD in operations research. Five years later, I took a job with a systems engineering consulting firm in the Boston area. Years passed as work and family left little time for anything creative. After my youngest graduated from college, I left my job, intent on a major life change, and moved to a small town in North Carolina where I opened a bed and breakfast and began to write fiction.

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