Amalie Flynn in #litchat

Read the chatscript from #litchat with Amalie Flynn, author of Wife and War: The Memoir here.

Amalie Flynn was just blocks away from the Twin Towers when the terrorist-piloted planes hit on September 11, 2001. A single, law school student at the time, like thousands of other New Yorkers, she watched in horror as people jumped from the towers before one and then the other tower collapsed. Wife and War is a prose poem memoir of her experience on the day of the terrorist attacks and the years that followed.

One year after 9/11, Flynn married a naval officer and adjusted to life as a military wife. When her husband is deployed to Afghanistan for a 12-month “boots on the ground” tour, she struggles with the same worries and concerns that have plagued military spouses for centuries. Wife and warWill he be injured? Killed? What will he be like when he returns? Most military wives don’t start blogs and write intimate poetry that attracts attention from readers around the world. Wife and War shares raw, bone-baring insights into the deployment and reintegration period of Flynn’s life without pointing fingers or placing blame.

From the author’s web site: Amalie Flynn is an American writer and the author of two blogs: Wife And War and September Eleventh.  Flynn’s Wife and War poetry has appeared in The New York Times At War and in Time’s Battleland, has appeared in her blog for The Huffington Post, and has received mention from The New York Times Media Decoder.  Her September Eleventh blog has received mention from CNN.  In addition, her Wife And War blog has a global readership, with readers from over 90 countries.  Flynn lives in Barrington, Rhode Island with her husband and their two children.

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