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Charles Blackstone is author of Vintage Attraction, part love story, part travelogue, part wine course, part memoir and yet fully fiction.

Before Vintage Attraction‘s Peter Hapworth meets Izzy, he knows the difference between Pinot Noir and peanut butter, but that’s about it. Lonely and frustrated with his academic career—as well as with dating—his life takes a sudden turn one night when he turns on the television. He’s transfixed by the woman staring back at him, a glass of wine swirling delicately in her hand—Isabelle Conway, one of the preeminent sommeliers in the world. There’s something about her. Somehow, he feels like he already knows her.

Vintage AttractionOn a whim, he pitches himself as a guest on her popular TV show, and the two embark on a whirlwind courtship. But relationships require a delicate balance of nurturing and belief, much like winemaking. Hapworth and Izzy must navigate the complex mysteries of wine–and the heart–from glamorous social events and domestic tribulations in Chicago to the vineyards and rocky bluffs of Greece.

In addition to being the author of Vintage Attraction, Charles Blackstone is co-editor of the literary anthology The Art of Friction (University of Texas Press, 2008) and the author of The Week You Weren’t Here (Dzanc Books and Low Fidelity Press, 2005), a novel. His short fiction has appeared in Esquire‘s Napkin Fiction Project, The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Fiction anthology, In Like Company: The Salt River Review and Porch Anthology, Lewis University’s Jet Fuel Review, and the University of Maine’s Stolen Island. Blackstone has written essays for Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row Journal, Chicago Sun-Times, Fiction Writers Review, Book Reporter, and The Millions. His short plays have been produced by Victory Gardens and Lifeline Theaters. Blackstone was named one of Newcity’s Lit 50 in 2012 and 2013. In 2011, he became managing editor of Bookslut, an internationally acclaimed book review publication and blog.

Blackstone holds degrees from University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Colorado, where he directed the Graduate Reading Series and received the Barker Award for Fiction, and has taught at Colorado, Wright College, The University of Chicago’s Graham School of General Studies, and Shimer College. He currently teaches fiction writing at the Gotham Writers’ Workshop and lives in New York City.

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