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Garth Callaghan has been crafting lunches and napkin notes placed in those lunches since his daughter, Emma, was a small child. As she grew older, the notes became more meaningful. Shortly after she turned twelve, the notes became a legacy. Garth had been diagnosed with kidney cancer and was given a grim prognosis.

Napkin Notes by Garth CallaghanGarth has now been diagnosed with cancer four times and been given an 8 percent chance to live long enough to watch Emma graduate from high school. Yet rather than dwell on the dire facts, he takes each day as a gift and a chance to connect with those he loves. And he promised to write 826 napkins so that Emma will have one every day until she graduates from high school—no matter what happens.

In the pages of this book, Garth continues his mission, spurring readers to appreciate life and the relationships they have through the simple act of composing a handwritten note to a loved one. A reflection on what it means to be a father, what we want to leave behind once we’re gone, but mainly a celebration of the human spirit, Napkin Notes is a reminder of the power we all hold to make every moment count.

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Photo of Garth Callahan by Audra Harris.