Gerald Brandt was guest host of #LitChat at 4 p.m. ET on April 11, 2016. Read the chatscript of Gerald’s #LitChat session here.Gerald Brandt

In Gerald Brandt‘s new cyberpunk novel, The Courier, Kris Ballard is a motorcycle courier. A nobody. In a world where corporations make all the rules, she’s level 2 trash in a multi-level city that stretches from San Francisco to the Mexican border. A runaway since the age of 14, Kris struggled to set up her life, barely scraping by, working hard to make it without anyone’s help. Witnessing the murder of one of her clients changes everything.

The CourierNow the corporations want Kris gone, and are willing to go to almost any length to make it happen. Hunted, scared, and alone, she retreats to the only world she knows: the Level 1 streets. Running from people that seem to know her every move, she is rescued by Miller, only to be pulled deeper into a world she doesn’t understand. They work together to stay ahead of the corporate killers, until Miller falls into their hands. Kris realizes being alone isn’t the answer, and she’s willing to do anything to get him back.

Gerald Brandt is an internationally bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy.  His short story Storm appeared in the 2013 Prix Aurora Award winning anthology Blood & Water. By day, he’s an IT professional and coding guru. In his limited spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, rock climbing, camping, and spending time with his family. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife Marnie, and his two sons Jared and Ryan.

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2016-04-11 Gerald Brandt