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Down and Out in Beverly Heels blends and breaks the rules of fiction with a comedic flair. Author Kathryn Leigh Scott, best known for her recurring roles in the classic Dark Shadows television series, begins with the rule about writing what you know. Her protagonist is a middle-aged actress who hasn’t had a good role in several years. Like Scott, Meg Barnes is beautiful, talented and resourceful. Unlike Scott, she’s been duped by a con-man who swept her off her feet, drained her bank account and set-up his own kidnapping and ransom. It’s such breaking of the “write what you know” rule that sparks a writer into imagining what might happen if the familiar should suddenly become unfamiliar.

DownAndOutInBeverlyHeels_Front_Cover_FinalAfter Meg loses her posh digs in Beverly Hills, she takes to sleeping in her Volvo in a scenario eerily familiar among the Hollywood fallen. With the help of an unlikely friend she meets while serving at a homeless shelter, she begins piecing her life back together. Accepting the fact that her ex-husband not only conned her, but a dozen other Hollywood pockets, she cooperates with an FBI agent to hunt down the ex and bring him to justice. Scott drives readers through mystery, murder and romance from California to Baja with a blind-sided twist at the end.

Down and Out in Beverly Heels is Scott’s second work of fiction, following her debut novel last year, Dark Passages. While continuing her acting career, Scott launched Pomegranate Press to publish books about the entertainment industry, Dark Shadows fan books, and other nonfiction and fiction titles.

Scott grew up on a farm in Robbinsdale, Minn. Upon graduation from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Kathryn landed the ingénue lead in the classic Gothic daytime drama Dark Shadows (ABC, 1966-1971), and starred in the 1971 MGM feature, House of Dark Shadows. Scott played four roles in the series: Maggie Evans, Josette du Pres, Lady Kitty Hampshire and Rachel Drummond. Realizing that the enduring and innovative series still has a tremendous following in syndicated reruns throughout the world, Scott wrote Dark Shadows Memories to coincide with the show’s twentieth anniversary and Dark Shadows Companion as a twenty-fifth anniversary tribute. Both were book club favorites, and combined sales (hardcover, trade, audio CD) exceeded 65,000 copies. Scott appeared in a cameo role in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp. Her latest nonfiction title is Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood, currently in its third printing and available as an ebook. Kathryn maintains homes in Los Angeles and New York. She was married to the late Geoff Miller, founding editor and later publisher of Los Angeles magazine. She is currently at work on a sequel to Down and Out in Beverly Heels.

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