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Lauren Francis-Sharma’s ‘Til the Well Runs Dry is a glorious and moving multi-generational, multicultural saga that begins in the 1940s and sweeps through the 1960’s in Trinidad and the United States

The story opens in a seaside village in the north of Trinidad where young Marcia Garcia, a gifted and smart-mouthed 16-year-old seamstress, lives alone, raising two small boys and guarding a family secret. When she meets Farouk Karam, an ambitious young policeman (so taken with Marcia that he elicits the help of a tea-brewing obeah woman to guarantee her ardor), the risks and rewards in Marcia’s life amplify forever.

Til-The-Well-Runs-DryOn an island rich with laughter, Calypso, Carnival, cricket, beaches and salty air, sweet fruits and spicy stews, the novel follows Marcia and Farouk from their amusing and passionate courtship through personal and historical events that threaten Marcia’s secret, entangle the couple and their children in a scandal, and endanger the future for all of them.

‘Til the Well Runs Dry tells the twinned stories of a spirited woman’s love for one man and her bottomless devotion to her children. For readers who cherish the previously untold stories of women’s lives, here is a story of grit and imperfection and love that has not been told before.

Lauren was born in New York but became the gal she is today in Baltimore, Maryland. She likes to think that the water fountains at St. Matthew School that inspired Tom Clancy were the same that inspired her, but in all likelihood it was the blacktop playground where every child born before municipal parks became fashionable, learned to fight and dream.

After graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic High School with no hopes of ever becoming an engineer, Lauren graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan Law School, distinguishing herself as a lover of baggy sweatshirts and bottles of Snapple. She practiced law in New York, D.C. and Maryland before giving what was left of herself to raising her two children. After several months of building her stamina with Sodoku puzzle all-nighters, she began to write ‘Til the Well Runs Dry, a novel set largely in Trinidad and loosely based on her grandmother’s story.

Lauren lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. with her husband and two children and she is working on writing as many novels as time will permit.

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