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Monica Parker bridges the divide between serial dieter’s survival guide and memoir, taking readers on a hilariously funny yet bumpy ride from chubby baby to chunky adult.

In Getting Waisted, Monica begins every chapter with a diet she committed to and reveals how much weight, money, and self-esteem she lost, then she tells how much weight she gained when she fell off the wagon. Getting WaistedAfter all, “no one tells a short person to get taller, or a tall person to get shorter, but fat people hear about their bodies all the time.”  From Living Large in a size zero world to jumping into the dating pool without causing a tidal wave of angst, Monica learns that when you stop buying what the diet-devils are selling and start liking yourself, life is far more rewarding. When Mr. Right appears out of thin air, will she run back to the catalogs of Mr. Wrongs out of fear?  Readers will laugh and cry as she realizes that while she thought it was her body that was in the way, it was really what she kept in her head that needed adjusting.

Ultimately, Getting Waisted is an inspirational look at life through society’s warped fun-house mirror, but Monica’s reflection tells the real tale: everyone is always under construction and we are all flawed, chipped, and dented, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interesting, vital, and sexy.

Monica was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland until the age of thirteen, when she immigrated with her parents to Toronto, Canada. Her television career began when she created, wrote and starred in an outrageous exercise show for an independent TV station. She went on to write for numerous television series and appear on stage and in film and television both in Canada and the United States, working with well-known names as Anthony Hopkins, Michael Douglas and Kirstie Alley. As a producer, Monica has focused on socially relevant television movies such as Hunger Point, a film about anorexia, starring Barbara Hershey and Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men,” and The Party Never Stops, a film about the deadly results of binge drinking, which garnered a Prism award nomination for its star, Nancy Travis.

Monica is currently starring in her insightful and funny one-woman show, “Sex, Pies & A Few White Lies,” which spawned her soon-to-be published, funny-but-true anti-diet book, Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin. It’s a book that speaks to everyone who can identify with having struggled over and over to lose weight only to gain it back time after time. Her story is funny and painful, but it’s also inspirational. She believes that some people are just not meant to be sylph-like, and she is only too happy to be their “Pie” Piper.

Along with Monica’s many other accolades, she has recently been asked to serve as a member of the Advisory Board at Humber College’s prestigious Television Writing and Producing Program. She is also a much in demand speaker and thought leader in a topic near and dear to her heart: Self-Love Instead of Self-Loathe. Monica currently has a recurring role on Syfy’s hit show “Defiance.”

Monica has been married since dinosaurs roamed the earth to her wonderful, patient and sainted husband Gilles and is mother to their less patient but none-the-less wonderful 28-year-old son Remy. They currently split their time between Toronto and Los Angeles but are determined to find the perfect cottage on a magical Muskoka lake and spend as much time there as possible.

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