Today in #LitChat MediaMonday we’re discussing a recent piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Habits of Highly Productive Writers.

Ernest HemingwayIf writing were easy, there would be many more writers, books and other published materials. The fact is, writing comprehensible works of fiction or nonfiction takes time, practice, research, and hours of BIC (butt in chair). Authors with long lists of published titles such as Wednesday’s guest host Diane Chamberlain will tell you that writing is hard work. What do highly productive writers do when they are stumped by a scene? How do you carve more time for writing into a busy life? What should writers read? What can a writer do when they don’t have a quiet place to write? We’ll discuss these questions and more today in #LitChat MediaMonday.

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Diane Chamberlain, author of more than 20 novels, joins us on December 3, 2014 to discuss her latest novel, The Silent Sister.

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