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Every new technology has its critics. Email, texting and other digital communications have come under fire for eroding the cultural foundation of expression to the eventual ruin of civilization. Similar pundits of technology-past claimed the printing press would usher in an era or immortality; that the telephone would replace face-to-face communication, movies and television would atrophy the imagination, and the short-cut language of telegrams would degrade grammar. And so it goes with texting, tweeting, and other forms of digital expression. Will text-speak be the weapon that destroys society, or will it simply add to the cultural lexicon that enriches language?

Resource media for MediaMonday: LOL if You Must, But the Internet is Actually Making English Better, Nikhil Sonnad, Quartz, November 8, 2014. For a richer experience, be sure to view the video embedded in the essay.

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