Young Adult Literature Books (#LitChat)#LitChat MediaMonday for August 18, 2014: Is There a Gender Gap in Literary Education? Follow #LitChat at 4 p.m. E.T. on Twitter or login directly to our dedicated channel at

Surprisingly, of the most popular and growing segments within publishing is young adult fiction. This week in #LitChat MediaMonday we’ll look at how the emergence of edgy fiction featuring bold and adventurous young adult characters provides a channel into the lifelong reading universe. Julie Drew, author of the YA novel, Glimpse, writes a compelling piece on the merits of YA literature in this Huffington Post essay, YA Lit and the Gender Gap in Education.

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Dear_DaughterAugust 20, 2014: Elizabeth Little, author of Dear Daughter, is guest host of #LitChat. Take a pop icon in the mold of Paris Hilton, convict her of murdering her socialite mother, release her on a technicality after ten years in solitary confinement, then put her on the road to find her mother’s real murderer and you have Dear Daughter.

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