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We are so grateful for the many wonderful #LitChat sessions we’ve had this year, that we’re taking a break this week. We’ll be back with #LitChat MediaMonday on December 1 and then on December 3, Diane Chamberlain will join us to discuss her 22nd novel—yes, you saw that right, her 22nd novel—The Silent Sister.

In the meantime, why not peruse some of the terrific content we’ve brought you the last couple of weeks, beginning with playwright and author Lucy Wang’s terrific “A Room of One’s Own,” where she gives insights into writing and submitting successful applications to writing residencies. Author Pablo Cartaya shares from the managerial and the creative side of writing residencies in “Belonging to the Tribe of Writers.” Pablo is the Knight Literary Programs Manager at the Betsy Hotel and the Writer’s Room. (Be sure to post your answer to his quote of the month in the comments.)

In “Under Contract and Under Pressure,” Renee Rosen discusses her experience of writing a novel for the sheer joy of it–her first two novels, Every Crooked Pot and Dollface—compared to writing a novel that’s already sold to a publishers—What the Lady Wants.

If you haven’t read Two Authors Talk Tolstoy, the Q&A where Dana Sachs interviews Andrew D. Kaufman about his new book, Give War and Peace a Chance, why not do it now? When you’re finished with that, hop over to the chatscript of the #LitChat session where Dana and Andrew takes the conversation live in #LitChat.

When we think of the holidays, we think of family, right? Each month author and nationally recognized expert on family dynamics Lynne Griffin makes a case for Fiction About Family. Her most recent blog post, “Complex Marriage in Fiction,” draws on novels such as Robin Black’s Life Drawing, Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to SafetyStiltsville by Susanna Daniel, I Married You for Happiness by Lily Tuck, and The Forever Marriage by Ann Bauer.

While you’re perusing our content, be sure to check out the #LitChat archives to review some of the excellent chats and guest hosts we’ve featured this year.

What do you want to see more of in 2015? Take a moment to leave us your thoughts–just click the comment button above.