Yes, it’s the second week of January and 2012 is so last year. Nevertheless, some of you are slow readers and you’ve needed time to digest all of the books you read in 2012 before you can choose your favorites of the year. Today in #litchat we’re discussing your favorite reads of 2012. Maybe it was a classic you loved for the first time, a long-awaited novel by one of commercial fiction’s favorite names, or a debut by a rising new star. Join us today at 4 p.m. ET to share your litpicks of 2012.

Here are LitChat’s favorite reads of 2012. These may not be the critic’s darlings; some may be from small, self-pub or digital-only presses, and some of the titles and authors you may have never heard of. Still, each of these titles deserve a shout of recognition.  There were many wonderful books published this year and it was hard choosing only 10, so we didn’t. Here are the LitChat faves of 2012 presented in order by title.

Arcadia Lauren Groff
Fobbit David Abrams
Glow Jessica Maria Tuccelli
Gone Girl Gillian Flynn
Hemingway’s Girl Erika Robuck
Need to Breathe Tara Staley
Night Swim Jessica Keener
Passing Love Jacqueline E. Luckett
Shine, Shine, Shine Lydia Netzer
The Casual Vacancy J.K. Rowling
The Midwife of Hope River Patricia Harman
The Round House Louise Erdrich
The Unlikely Pilgrimmage of Harold Fry Rachel Joyce

Have you read any of these wonderful novels? What were your favorite reads–fiction or nonfiction–of 2012?