No Wind

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If a novel’s beginning is the hook and the ending the capture, the stuff in the middle is the fight. Writers who don’t outline their novels can flounder in the slough of words, waiting for the winds of new ideas to push them forward. Writers who plot their course also have difficulties with middles when threads get tangled or unforeseen obstacles block the path. Recently in #litchat WritingWednesday we discussed beginnings and endings— first lines and last lines—so now we’re going to discuss middles. Listed below are eight resources to inspire and inform you about writing through the middle of your novel.

Sagging Middles
Vicki Hinze, Fiction Factor

7 Ways to Navigate the Middle of Your Novel
Justine Musk,

25 Ways to Fight Your Story’s Mushy Middle

Chuck Wendig, Terribleminds

Stuck in the Middle of Your Story? Try Prompts
Alina Sandor, Writing-World

How to Write a Novel, Part 3
A. J. Humpage, All Write – Fiction Advice

In the Doldrums: Hitting the Gray Middle of Your Novel
Blair Hurley, Writerly Life

Stuck in the Middle-of-the-Novel Mud: How to winch your way out and stay out
Hilari Bell,

Sagging Middle Syndrome: How To Rescue Your Novel From It’s Fatal Effect
Glen C. Strathy, How To Write A Book Now