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Digital publishing has revolutionized how we read—and in many cases—write. While the publishing paradigm has shifted dramatically, the digital revolution is still evolving. What worked for marketing and promotion five—or even one—years ago, isn’t necessarily the best practice for today.

Publishing guru Jane Friedman recently gathered seven marketing, promotion and branding professionals together for a round table discussion of how these essential processes work in the rapidly changing publishing industry. Read the except from Friedman’s blog here, then click this link to access the complete roundtable published in Friedman’s new online writing magazine, Scratch. To access the roundtable in Scratch for this week’s MediaMonday discussion, you will need to register for the site, but you are not committing to a paid subscription.

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SwingGuest Host on July 30, 2014: Philip Beard will join us as guest host in #LitChat at 4 p.m. E.D.T. to discuss his new novel, Swing. A bildungsroman, Swing features unforgettable characters whose lives are impacted by a paraplegic man known on the streets of 1971 Pittsburg as The Swinger. 

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