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Last week in #LitChat MediaMonday we covered steps 1 – 5 of Debra Marr‘s 10 Success Strategies for Writers. This week we’re completing the series with discussion covering steps 6 – 10.

Some writers need hands-on steps for planning writing projects. Writer’s guru Debra Marrs of Your Write Life, recently published 10 Success Strategies for Writers to help writers navigate a project from start to finish. You can download the ebook free from this link, then we’ll discuss how these tactics can assist writers of diverse expression.

Covered in last week’s #LitChat MediaMonday session were:

  1. Begin with the end in mind.
  2. Set your ideas (or vision) into action.
  3. The cornerstone to success is a written plan (WTOC).
  4. Besides the WTOC, the next best practice is the Sunday Night Exercise.
  5. Okay, something’s got to give! What will you…

You can view the replay of steps 1-5 on our Nurph channel here.

This week we’ll discuss the remaining five steps:

  1. Marry action plans to a time to do them.
  2. Buddy UP!
  3. Read – Read – Read. Why?
  4. Invest in yourself.
  5. Continually define your next steps.

About Debra Marrs

debra marrs

Debra Marrs is an editor and coach for writers.  She’s a creative, big picture thinker who takes the many pieces and fits them into a whole.  As a writing teacher and coach, she shows writers how to create content readers will want to buy. She teaches writers how to DEFINE, ORGANIZE AND REFINE their writing projects (ebooks, articles, how-to books, memoir and other creative nonfiction) for publication. Her  What Authors Need to Know series teaches would-be authors how to navigate the many, many resources and how-to’s that take them from conception to publication.

Marrs is also a learner; she enjoy learning new things, synthesizing them, and passing along information to others. She’s been affectionately called a “clearinghouse for writers.” If she don’t know the answer, she’ll almost always know where to go to find out.

Follow Debra Marrs on Twitter: @DebraMarrs.

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