9-11 Twin TowersWhen a writer anchor a novel with a historical event, how does he/she avoid falling into cliche and “event fatigue” that bores and tires readers? Author Ann Bauer blogs about this in How Repetition Weakens A Story and What You Can Do at Beyond the Margins. In this week’s #litchat MediaMonday, we’ll discuss repetition and “event fatigue.”  Follow #litchat through Twitter at 4 p.m. E.T., or login directly to our dedicated channel at www.nurph.com/litchat.

“There is a trap awaiting writers who use large public tragedies as plot points. Their books tend to flatten into caricature. But there is also a pattern, I’ve noticed, in work that employs world events with finesse.”~Ann Bauer

On Wednesday of this week we’ll chat in #litchat with Sandra Gulland about her new historical novel, The Shadow Queen.