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Novelists are frequently asked where their ideas come from. Some common responses are, “my imagination,” or “I just wondered, ‘what if this’ or ‘what if that’, or “I pull stories from my life.”  Some novelists draw from headline news events or even obscure stories buried on back pages, but still fascinating.

For her bestselling novel, Room, Emma Donoghue was influenced by the 2008 case of the Austrian man Josef Fritzl, who had kept his daughter, with whom he’d sired seven children, locked away in a concealed basement room with three of her children. The National Post, September 7, 2010

Jon Clinch drew from the real life situation of the reclusive Ward Brothers of upstate New York in his critically acclaimed novel, Kings of the Earth. The Washington Post, July 13, 2010

Michelle Gable‘s debut novel, A Paris Apartment, was inspired by the 2010 discovery of the grand Paris apartment of a beautiful courtesan, stuffed with priceless antiques and artwork, left untouched for 70 years. The Daily Beast, Feburary 5, 2014

This week in MediaMonday we’ll discuss novels which parallel news stories and how authors put their individual stamp on them.

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