Bookshop-UKThe question isn’t a new one. A quick internet search churns up dozens of news articles, essays and blogs echoing the concern. Are bookstores destined to go the way of music and video stores?

In this age of cutthroat ecommerce and the instant gratification of epublishing, how can brick and mortar bookstores survive? Will there be any brick and mortar survivors? What will the survivors look like?

For the last year author Carmen Amato has been asking these questions to more than 800 authors and industry professionals. In January she published the first of her proposed five-part series: “What is the Future of Bookstores.”

This week in #LitChat MediaMonday we’re asking the question to the Twitter community. Join us from 4-5 p.m. E.D.T to discuss “The Bookstore of the Future.”

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