Writers Write - Carolyn Burns BassHow many of you are stay-at-home writers? This is a rather privileged set; to be among this elite group, one must 1) be of independent financial means, 2) have already made a fortune in another field and can quit the day job (refer back to independent financial means), 3) has a partner who is willing and able to foot the bill for supporting the entire household, or 4) be working every day and/or night for pay by the word, the page, the project, or by contract. In many cases, the stay-at-home writer claims particular combinations of the above.

This week in the Huffington Post, Mary Novaria writes about how some of her friends think she doesn’t work because she’s a stay-at-home writer: “My Friend Thinks I Don’t Work Because I’m A Writer.” We’ll discuss this and other travails of the stay-at-home writer at 4 p.m. E.D.T. in MediaMonday, July 21, 2014. Follow #LitChat on Twitter, or login directly to our dedicated channel at www.nurph.com/litchat.

Blade of the SamuraiLater This Week in #LitChat

Susan Spann joins us as guest host at 4 p.m. E.D.T. on July 23, 2014 to discuss her new novel, Blade of the Samurai, the second book in her intriguing mystery series set in feudal Japan before the nation closed itself off from western influence and trade.

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