Writing About HappinessThis week in #litchat MediaMonday we’re discussing the March 11, 2014 New York Times Book Ends piece, “Is It Harder to Write About Happiness Than Its Opposite?” featuring authors Leslie Jamison and Adam Kirsch. Join us for this session of #litchat MediaMonday on March 17, 2014 from 4-5 p.m. E.D.T. Follow the discussion on Twitter, or login directly to our dedicated channel at www.nurph.com/litchat.

Leslie Jamison says:

Happiness collapses characters into people who look just like everyone else, without the sharper contours of pathos to mark their edges and render them distinct.

Adam Kirsch says:

As Lionel Trilling observed in his classic study “Sincerity and Authenticity,” the things that used to constitute human happiness — prosperity, honor, marriage, parenthood — are for modern writers the targets of satire and exposé, rather than the objects of celebration.

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