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A genius may sit down and write a brilliant novel without ever studying the craft. Other writers have instincts for plot development, situational observation or character insight, much like an athlete has natural form, balance or strength. Writing, like any genius or skill, is honed by use and perfected by practice. One would think that an acclaimed, bestselling or experienced author improves with each book, yet all of us know of authors who seem to hit a wall and never get over it. Why do authors stagnate in their careers? Can genius be taught? What is the difference between experience and practice in terms of writing craft? Can your method of practice make a difference in your writing? How can writers most effectively practice the craft? We’ll discuss these questions and others in this week’s MediaMonday.

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The Psychology of Getting Unstuck: How to Overcome the “OK Plateau” of Performance & Personal Growth
Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

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