By Kate Hewitt

NAL (August 4, 2015)

Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

Rainy Day SistersUSA Today bestselling author, Kate Hewitt, begins a new series, Hartley-By-The-Sea Novels, with Rainy Day Sisters—a story of two half-sisters who long for love and acceptance, and find it in each other. Kate’s next book in the series, Now and Then Friends, is due out in August 2016.

Lucy Bagshaw’s life as a barista and aspiring artist in Boston ends abruptly when her mother, artist and liberal commentator, Fiona Bagshaw, writes openly on how she doesn’t support Lucy’s artistic capabilities and how the fame she has will not be given to Lucy. After the humiliating article is printed for all of Boston to read, Lucy’s partner, Thomas, breaks off their three-year relationship. Lucy expects him to come back to her. He doesn’t. It is then Lucy seeks refuge in her estranged half-sister Juliet, whom she hasn’t seen in over five years. Much to Lucy’s surprise, Juliet invites Lucy to England.

Juliet Bagshaw invites Lucy to come stay with her at the bed and breakfast inn she runs herself in Cumbria, in the picturesque northwest of England. Juliet finds herself half-regretting the invitation even before Lucy arrives. When Lucy finally shows up at her doorstep, Juliet remembers how different they are and how painful it is to see her. Like Lucy, Juliet’s life is broken and lonely too. While Juliet tries to keep her sister at arms length, it is in Lucy’s comforting arms where she finds the home she has been searching for, and her loneliness begins to subside.

While each sister works out their life issues under the same roof, they begin to see past their differences and find hope in each other. As time passes, both Kate and Lucy receive the redemption and affirmation they seek, as well as restorative love.

Kate Hewitt develops two brilliant and polar-opposite sisters whom will make you laugh, and with whom you can relate as well. Each chapter transitions from the thoughts of Lucy to Juliet; I love this because readers can see what both sisters are thinking and are dealing with.

Rainy Day Sisters is charming, delightful, heartwarming, and honest. I say “honest” because the struggles these two sisters go through, and went through, are very real and very relatable. Though this may be a tale about sisters, it is also a story about the bonds of mothers and daughters as their mother, Fiona, does play a significant role within in the storyline.

I personally look forward to Now and Then Friends as Kate has a wonderful writing style, and a brilliant sense of humor. Be sure to add Rainy Day Sisters to your list of To Read, and be sure to read it on a cold, rainy day so you can feel the story while you enjoy it.

STEFANIE KAMERMAN is a contributing editor to LitChat. Read her complete bio here.