M.D. Benoit

The oceans. The sky. The depths below. Curiosity to know what lies beyond has driven two things: science and imagination. Ever since the first humans looked to the stars and gave them names, the wonder of what is out there has spawned some of humankind’s finest stories. This week in #litchat we’re discussing Science Fiction.

On Friday, November 26, Dominique (M.D.) Benoit joins us as guest host. A prolific author publishing with Zumaya Publications, Benoit’s latest novel, Catalyst follows a human clone created for organ transplants through self-awareness and rebellion, raising ethical and spiritual questions along the way.

Benoit’s fascination with science fiction began as a child with her father’s bedtime stories, which were always full of gadgets, dark doorways, and disappearing people. Benoit lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband and cat, who she secretly believes is an alien in disguise.

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