Simon Tofield, creator of Simon's Cat

Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat

Read the archived session of #litchat with Simon Tofield, creator of the Simon’s Cat books, films and comics here.

Simon Tofield’s latest book, Simon’s Cat vs The World, features the iconic fluffy white feline and a host of other wildlife creatures in a series of charming indoor and outdoor adventures.

With over 360 million hits on YouTube, Simon’s Cat is a genuine word-of-mouth phenomenon. Fans from all over the world have fallen for this adorable but anarchic feline who will do just about anything to be fed. Simon Tofield’s beautiful drawings and warm humor come alive on the page in this irresistibly charming book—an outgrowth of the enormously popular short films featured on YouTube.

Simon's Cat vs the WorldIn his previous book, Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos, Simon’s Cat proved his authority in the house. He returned victorious from his adventures beyond the garden fence. He prevailed after the chaotic arrival of a new kitten. Now he takes on the world in Simon’s Cat vs The World. Illustrated in glorious full color, this volume explodes from the page with mesmerizing levels of detail.

What is Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with Simon. He made his first appearance online, in a film called Cat Man Do. Since then he has also appeared in his own books, game and comic strip.

Who is Simon Tofield?
Simon is an award-winning  illustrator, animator, and director who has a great interest in wildlife, painting, the great outdoors and of course cats. At the age of nine, Tofield received his first kitten, a stray rescued from a farmer’s barn. He has had cats ever since. Tofield started animating at a very young age. Inspired by cartoons on TV, he used to create basic flip-books in an attempt to emulate the techniques he saw being used on screen. When not attending to his cats’ needs, Tofield likes painting, reading history books, and spending time in the great British countryside. His Simon’s Cat short films have garnered hundreds of millions of views, and the book versions have been international best sellers. He is the author of Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos and Simon’s Cat vs. the World. Tofield lives in London.

Does Simon have a cat in real life?
Simon actually has four cats. Jess, Maisy, Hugh and Teddy.

Follow Simon Tofield on Twitter: @SimonsCat.