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Set in the turbulent, colorful 1970’s, What We Set In Motion by Stephanie Austin Edwards finds the daughter of a prominent old South Carolina Lowcountry family fleeing to New York’s Greenwich Village in pursuit of a dance career. Cut off by her disapproving father and abandoned by her would-be fiancé, Nadine Carter Barnwell must strive on her own to beat the harrowing odds. Penniless and surrounded by the temptation of dubious money-making schemes and the bitter disappointment of seeing a friend fall prey to them, Nadine battles fiercely for her place in the ultra-competitive world of dance—only to reluctantly step away to please a man. what-we-set-in-motion-in-litchatIt takes the loving, mystical intervention of her beloved aunt back in South Carolina and an unexpected letter from a young girl to set Nadine’s chaotic life firmly on the path to fulfillment and the startling realization that every encounter and each choice is a milestone in the quest to forge her own destiny.

Stephanie, a former dancer and costumer, is a writing teacher, novelist and writing consultant. After attending public school in Beaufort, SC, and college in San Diego, she had a twenty-two-year career in New York Theater. She has worked with such talents as Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson, Lauren Bacall, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Hal Prince, Stephen Sondheim, and Michael Bennett. When not writing, she can be found shagging or cruising down the river with her husband.

What We Set in Motion won a Best Submission Award at the Atlanta Writer’s Club Conference and a Gold Award for cover design at

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