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To Kill a MockingbirdThe Left Hand of Darkness, Beloved, Atlas ShruggedEverybody Poops. From the ancient Greek playwrights to this very minute, authors have been putting messages in their work. Some are more successful than others – The Grapes of Wrath inspired legislation to help migrant workers. Yet others are maligned – Atlas Shrugged is often cited as a poorly written anthem to libertarianism.

What do you think of authors putting messages in their books? Do you dislike messages in your fiction or are you fine with a message as long as it’s one you agree with? When you write, are you thinking about a message? If you include messages in your writing, do you plan them from the start or discover them as you write? We’ll discuss these and other questions about fictional messages on April 29, 2015 in LitChat’s Writing Wednesday at 4 p.m. E.T, moderated by Robyn McIntyre.

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