By Paula Brackston

Thomas Dunne Books (April 21, 2015)

Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

From the bestselling author, Paula Brackston, comes The Silver Witch, another tale about a woman discovering her heritage, the power she holds, and the witch she must become.The Silver Witch

A grieving Tilda, moves into the cottage she would have shared with her husband had he still been alive. Upon her arrival, Tilda begins to have visions and the electricity she come in contact with, especially clocks, acts strangely and flickers out. Tilda believes it is all a coincidence at first, but begins to think otherwise once she learns the history of the lake near her cottage. Also, Tilda finds the courage to step out of her comfort zone to find love again. While Tilda learns to love again, she learns of a new power—the one inside herself.

Back in Celtic times, Seren, the shaman and witch of the same village in which Tilda now lives, begins to have visions the prince is in trouble and there is a traitor within his household. Despite being a seer, and the village outcast, Seren has captured the heart of the prince. While trouble stirs on the lake, Seren knows she must use her powers to protect the ones she loves.

As Tilda’s own visions become more frequent, and with a warning of their own, Tilda finally discovers the connection between her and Seren. Tilda comes into her own, and accepts the path of power that has been given to her. The enemy Seren faced many years ago is the same enemy Tilda must stand against in the present time. Will Tilda meet the same fate as Seren, she wonders?

The Silver Witch is an enchanting tale about the lengths we go to protect to the ones we love the most. Paula Brackston does it again with another magical tale about a young witch discovering who she really is.