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Tina Seskis is author of One Step Too Far, the tale of a woman who is and isn’t everything she claims to be.

A happy marriage. A beautiful family. A lovely home. So what makes Emily Coleman get up one morning and walk right out of her life–to start again as someone new?

Now, Emily has become Cat, working at a hip advertising agency in London and living on the edge with her inseparable new friend, Angel. One Step Too FarCat’s buried any trace of her old self so well, no one knows how to find her. But she can’t bury the past–or her own memories.

And soon, she’ll have to face the truth of what she’s done–a shocking revelation that may push her one step too far. . . .

Tina Seskis grew up in Hampshire, England where her father worked at Heathrow for British Airways and her mother was in sales. She studied business at the University of Bath and then worked for over 20 years in marketing, advertising and online, with varying degrees of success, before starting to write. She originally wrote One Step Too Far for her mother in 2010, whilst attending a weekly writing class. She completed her second novel When We Were Friends (formerly called A Serpentine Affair) in 2011. Seskis lives in North London with her husband and son, and is currently trying to write 2,000 words a day on her latest novel (working title The One).

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