Lynne Griffin

Lynne Griffin

Do you ever wonder where novelists get the ideas for their stories? Some authors pluck ideas from the headlines, others draw from their own life experiences, still others conjure them from the recesses of their imagination. This week in LitChat we’ll discuss how real life informs fiction.

Joining us as guest host on Friday, July 10th, is author Lynne Griffin. Lynne is one of those talented people who enjoys success as as author of both fiction and non-fiction. LifeWithoutSummerA nationally recognized expert on family life, her first book was Negotiation Generation: Take Back Your Parental Authority Without Punishment (Penguin, 2007). Her first novel, Life Without Summer (St. Martin’s Press, April, 2009) draws on her professional experience with family counseling and social work.

NegotiationGenerationAs the parenting contributor for Boston’s Fox 25 Morning News, she appears regularly in the segment Family Works and teaches in the graduate program of Social Work and Family Studies at Wheelock College, and at Grub Street Writers.

Lynne has written for Parenting Magazine, Scholastic Parent & Child, The Writer Magazine, and the popular blog, The Writer’s Group. Currently she writes for the blog, The Literary Maze. Lynne lives outside Boston, Massachusetts with her family.

Follow Lynne on Twitter at: @Lynne_Griffin.