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The news broke last week and exploded across the interwebs with the expected indignation, contempt and jocularity: A literature professor in Canada doesn’t teach books written by female authors. David Gilmour, an award-winning author teaches only novels written by macho-men in his classes at University of Toronto.

Essays and articles in media all over the globe followed, including an interview in The Huffington Post by Hunter Stuart, wherein Gilmour said, “[But] the trick in my course is, I want kids to leave my course thinking, ‘I want to read more Chekhov, I gotta read more Chekhov.’ I can’t do that for Alice Munro or Margaret Atwood or any other female writers I admire who are as good as any male writers but who don’t speak to me as profoundly.”

In this week’s MediaMonday in #litchat, we’ll begin discussion with the obvious and often-argued “male vs female authors” and finish with questions about “Why read books you don’t love.”

MediaMonday Resources

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