By Posie Graeme-Evans

Atria Books (March 3, 2015)

Reviewed by Stefanie Kamerman

Wild WoodPosie Graeme-Evans, Austrailia’s most beloved best selling author, brings you Wild Wood. One part fairy tale and one part mystery, Wild Wood takes you on an adventure to the hills of Scotland, to help one woman find out who she truly is.

1981: Jesse Marley wakes up in a London Hospital, discovering she suffered a concussion, keeping her abed in a hospital a while. During her hospital stay, Jesse, and her doctor Rory, discover Jesse is no longer right-handed, but left. Jesse produces extraordinary drawings, despite having no artistic abilities before her injury. What is intriguing to Rory is he recognizes the place of one the drawings, Hundredfield. Rory believes Jesse’s concussion has turned her into a savant, but what he can’t ignore is the connection between Jesse and Hundredfield.

Rory takes Jesse to Hundredfield, a 1000-year-old castle in the Borderlands of Scotland for research and for Jesse to further recover from her concussion. While at Hundredfield, Jesse hopes to find her birth mother, after recently learning she was adopted. Also at Hundredfield, Jesse undergoes a series of hypnosis sessions done by Rory. Jesse continues to produce remarkable drawings under hypnosis, and all of them related to Hundredfield somehow.

1321: Bayard returns to Hundredfield to discover his brother is recently married to a woman who does not speak. Not only that, but she is pregnant. There are many whispers around Hundredfield regarding her and many believe she is a witch. Bayard believes she is indeed a witch after he miraculously recovers from his injuries while she attended to him on his deathbed. The legend of the Lady of the Water circles around as well, and what is alarming to Baynard, he discovers it is true. As the birth of Baynard’s niece draws near in the past, Jesse discovers more about her birth and her birth mother, and the connection of herself to Hundredfield and to the Lady of the Water in the present.

While Wild Wood drifts from medieval times to 1981, we discover more about Hundredfield and Jesse herself. The story has a slow start at first, but once the past and the present collide many mysteries surrounding Hundredfield come to light and Jesse’s drawings reveals the connection of herself to Hundredfield. The fairy tale and the mystery of Wild Wood will keep you intrigued till the very end.

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