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Writing Basics - In the Flow

You have an idea for a novel, but the concept, theme or significance seems bigger than your ability and you don’t know where to start. Perhaps your aversion is fear–of the process, of the commitment, of failure, of success. Or you’re well into a novel when the inspiration that compelled you in the beginning dries up and each word feels like walking across a desert without shoes and water. Do you give up? Brace yourself and keep trudging over the dry terrain? Or do you search out ways to beat the heat and revive the creative flow? If this is where you are on your writing journey, then this week’s WritingWednesday Writing Matters is for you.The following resources will get you started, then join us in #litchat for more ideas on Getting Into the Flow.

WritingWednesday Resources:

Finding Flow in Writing
Tracy Steen, Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin Intellectual Entrepreneurship

Writing in the Flow
Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., Writing in the Flow

How to Achieve Flow in Your Writing
Mikkel Kongsfelt, Jennifer Blanchard

Free Writing: A How to Guide
Gene Doty, Missouri University of Science and Technology

What is Free Flow Writing and How Do I Do It?
Clare Boyle, Life Matters