WritingWednesday for April 24, 2013: Dialogue in Fiction

Do you ping-pong your dialogue? Do your characters laugh out their lines? Does your dialogue progress your plot or reveal character? We’ll discuss these fiction writing concerns today in WritingWednesday. Take some time to read through the following links and then join us for #litchat at 4 p.m. in Twitter.

Editor’s Opinion Blog by William H. Coles: Creating Effective Dialogue

The Guardian/Books: DBC Pierre on How to Write Convincing Dialogue

WordServe Water Cooler: Writing Believable Dialogue by Megan DiMaria

Fiction Writer’s Mentor: Dialogue Tags

The Editor’s Blog: Punctuation in Fiction (US)

BBC: Punctuation and Layout of Dialogue (UK)

Writer’s Digest: Writing Gender Specific Dialog by Rachel Scheller

If you know of a good resource (book, video or blog) for writing effective and convincing dialogue, please share the link in the comments section.