Exposition may be the most maligned element of fiction craft. Too much exposition and the writer falls into the telling trap. Not enough exposition and the writer risks losing details in overwrought scenes. What exactly is exposition? How is exposition different from narrative? How is exposition used effectively? How can a writer recognize when he/she has exposition excess? We’ll discuss these questions and more in this week’s WritingWednesday. Listed below are some helpful links about exposition.

Show and Tell
By Nancy Kress, Writer’s Digest

Exposition vs Narrative
By Dr. Vicki Hinze, Fiction Factor

Handling the Exposition of Story
By Harvey Chapman, Novel Writing Help

The Four P’s of Exposition
By Sarah Brand, Alpha

Balancing Exposition and Scenework in Fiction
By Lori L. Lake, Just About Write

By Carlos J. Cortes And Renée Miller, On Fiction Writing

Exposition in Fiction
By Elle Carter Neal, Hear Write Now