Pacing is the time measure of a story. Some writers compare it to the rhythm of a musical composition, with high notes and low notes, fills, trills, and thrills. Finding the right pace for a story isn’t as easy as it sounds. Slow pacing can stall a story for readers, while excessive speed page after page can exhaust readers. This week in WritingWednesday we’re discussing pacing in fiction. Take a few minutes to review the following resources to help you understand the importance of pacing in fiction.

7  Tools for Pacing a Novel and Keeping Your Story Moving at the Right Pace
By Courtney Carpenter, Writer’s Digest

Pacing, Dialog and Action Scenes — Your Story At Your Speed
By Holly Lisle,

Techniques to Establish Pacing
By Gerry Visco, Writer’s Store

By Dr. Vicki Hinze, Fiction Factor

Pacing Your Story
Fiction Writer’s Mentor

Writing A Page-Turning Novel: Pacing With Words
By Kathy Steffen, The How to Write Shop

Pacing Anxiety: How to Stop Padding and Plot
By Caro Clarke,